Louisiana Student Dies West Nile Virus To Blame

A family in West Monroe, Louisiana, remains in mourning after their child Charly Pratt died over the weekend. Pratt was a fourth grader at Riverbend Elementary. Early reports say Pratt’s death was caused by West Nile virus, but his relatives insist the mosquito-borne disease was not to blame. Investigation to find out his cause of […]

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Geese May Hold Cure for West Nile Cancer

A biotech company in based in North Dakota is developing a serum derived from geese, which they hope would treat everything from rabies to malaria, even cancer. The serum was originally intended to protect people from the West Nile virus, but research group Avianax discovered that this serum may have the potential to treat a […]

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Rhode Island Remains West Nile Virus-Free

Latest tests in Rhode Island show that the state bears no signs of West Nile virus or Eastern equine encephalitis. The latest report from the state Department of Environmental Management released Monday indicates that 116 mosquito samples taken from traps set throughout the state during the week of September 10 yielded negative results. However, one […]

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San Francisco Reports 1st West Nile Virus Case in 7 Years

Public health officials in San Francisco has reported that one of its residents is infected with West Nile virus, the first human case of this potentially fatal disease in seven years. Not much details were revealed about the patient except that he is a man who got infected on September 14 and is now recovering […]

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Chicago Fire Officer Succumbs to West Nile Virus

A Chicago Fire Department lieutenant died Thursday (October 4) from West Nile virus, which he contracted from a mosquito bite two weeks prior. Lt. Thomas Flahive, 58, was bitten by mosquito during a family trip to Wisconsin, according to the city’s Fire Media Affairs Director Larry Langford. The firefighters of Engine Company 108 from the […]

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Upcoming Cold Weather Seen To Slow Down West Nile Virus

With the country already experiencing the worst West Nile virus epidemic since 2002, slowing it down seems to help provide some relief to many concerned individuals. With the cold weather slowly coming in, it is expected to slow down the virus from creating new cases. This will help ease down many worries over the seemingly […]

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