Maryland Reports First West Nile Virus Death of 2012

Health officials of the State of Maryland has reported its first fatality from West Nile virus this year, as the rest of the United States has seen record-high cases. The disease is spreading faster compared to previous years, partly due to a mild winter and several spring rains that allowed mosquitoes to breed earlier. Maryland […]

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CDC Reports US States With Most West Nile Virus Cases

The West Nile Virus cases in the US have recently been showing record figures, numbers that have not been seen ever since the disease was first discovered in the country. In fact, 2012 is expected to be showing West Nile Virus cases at historical levels. This does not bode well for many states that have […]

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Natural Remedies for West Nile Virus Do They Work

While the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention recommend to use products with DEET to protect your skin or you home against West Nile virus-carrying mosquitoes, some people would rather use non-toxic and homemade bug repellents. Suggestions vary from drinking a shot of vinegar to using Skin So Soft, a line of lotion made by […]

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