CDC Reports US States With Most West Nile Virus Cases

The West Nile Virus cases in the US have recently been showing record figures, numbers that have not been seen ever since the disease was first discovered in the country. In fact, 2012 is expected to be showing West Nile Virus cases at historical levels. This does not bode well for many states that have recently been showing an abnormal increase of disease cases that has also resulted to a number of deaths among its citizens.

The Center for Disease Control and Prevention or the CDC has provided a list of the states that has recently been affected by the West Nile Virus. A total of 48 states have so far reported WNV cases in their area, according to the CDC. Of the 48 states, Texas reported the most WNV cases for 2012 and counting, with a total of 733 cases reported, 30 of which resulted in deaths. South Dakota and Mississippi reported the second highest WNV cases with 98 each, with 1 death reported in South Dakota and 2 in Mississippi.

Oklahoma reported the next highest WNV cases reported with 80 which resulted in 5 deaths so far. Louisiana reported 73 WNV cases with 6 deaths. The state of Michigan had 71 cases of the West Nile Virus reported with 3 resulting in deaths. The state of California had 44 cases of WNV infections and 2 deaths so far while Ohio had 43 cases with no reported case of death yet. Rounding up the top 10 states with the most reported cases of WNV infections are Minnesota which reported 35 cases so far a 1 death and Nebraska with 26 cases and no reported death as a result of the WNV infection.

The CDC reported a total of 1,590 human cases of West Nile Virus infections, which had so far resulted in a total of 65 deaths. The totals provided for each state included both neuroinvasive and the non-neuroinvasive type of the said disease, the former of which is considered the fatal type as it leads to meningitis and encephalitis in some of those people infected. The numbers include WNV cases that are reported to the CDC as of August 28, 2012.

The recent total of reported cases is considered as the highest number of WNV infections in humans since the disease was first detected on US shores in 1999. The number is still expected to rise in many states as the summer season is yet to end. Many states have already made state of emergency announcements in their area, notably Texas, which have resulted in conducting aerial spraying activities in many affected areas in order to control mosquito population and prevent the recent epidemic of getting out of hand.

Source: CDC
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